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Or if you’re looking for a shortcut – as in automatic mastering – try TGM Audio’s mix fattening machine… “WAVibe”

For many artists, producers and mix engineers, mastering is the only part of the production process that they still have to pay someone else to do.

During the last 6 years that I have been mastering (professionally), I have really struggled to find anything that really gives you the essential understanding to instantly know the sound you are looking for – as soon as you start the mastering process.

So I created – A completely dedicated mastering tutorial website with no ads and no veering off the subject – specifically designed to equip you with everything you need… to load in your track for mastering – and instantly know exactly what you need to do to get impressive results with minimal trial and error – the main focus of this website is on the ‘Art’ of mastering.

Recording, mixing and editing can be done with ease in any project studio, but for years, mastering has been one of those things you just leave to the pro’s.

Chances are, you may not know exactly what it is you’re doing wrong when attempting your own mastering, but you just don’t seem to get close to the sound of your favourite track in your iTunes library.

You can literally go round in circles…. trying more EQ, more compression… less EQ, less compression… and it never turns out how you imagine. I’ve been round all the same circles and now I can share with you what I’ve spent the last 11 years perfecting.


Why Do We Still Struggle to do Our Own Mastering?

Well, it’s not a walk in the park – but it is a science that can be learned, it follows a set of rules that anyone can discover. Along my journey to becoming an engineer, I found that some engineers hold their cards very close to their chest, I suppose they fear giving away their secrets will not be good for business. Only a few, I have also had the pleasure of working with great engineers who like to share what they know.

Technology is advancing so quick, it’s not the case anymore that you can’t do your own mastering at home because you don’t have access to super sonic processors which cost $1,000’s. Plugins today are more than capable. The funny thing is, this idea that you can’t do your own mastering hangs around like a bad smell!

What is also not helping the situation is the lack of good info. There must be 1,000’s of recording/mixing tutorials but only a handful of good mastering tutorials. It’s essential you have the deep understanding required to choose the right technique for processing any of the infinite varieties of music/audio.

IMPORTANT POINT – Knowing how all the processors work is one thing, but understanding how they all work together, in harmony, complimenting and reinforcing each others effect, as part of a mastering chain is completely another!

As I mentioned, I’ve probably made all the same mistakes as you. After 5 years of trial and error, I ended up starting my own mastering business – TGMaudio.

And having used to be a college lecturer, I couldn’t wait to teach all that I had learned!

There are books you can buy and have delivered, if that’s what you prefer. The truth is though, mastering techniques are evolving all the time. What we do today is the not the same as we did 10 years ago and will no doubt be different to what we do in years to come. is always upto date.

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